Smokey Robinson on the TMZ Celebrity Tour!

Our TMZ Celebrity Tour spotted Smokey Robinson out and he talked to us all about his new skin care line…

(Video Transcript)
TMZ Reporter: “OK, so get excited, because we got a big star, Smokey Robinson! On the TMZ Celebrity Tour!”

Harvey Levin: “Get Out!”

TMZ Reporter: “So, I jumped off the bus, and said, ‘Smokey! Hey, I just wanted to show you that the TMZ Bus is right over there, and everybody went crazy! This is our new bus! Is there any way you could wave, or anything? I mean, they are going crazy for you. They loved you, they spotted you it was awesome!’ There was another camera guy there, so he talked to him about his new skin care line.”

Smokey Robinson: “So the one for women is called My Girl, and the one for men is called Get Ready…”

Harvey Levin: “Oh I love it, just, all the things it could be are amazing.”

TMZ Researcher: “He sings My Girl?”

Harvey Levin: “He wrote it. The temptations sang it… If you can name the original names of The Temptations and The Supremes, I’ll buy lunch.”

TMZ Researcher #2: “The Primes and the Primettes! Lunch for everybody!”

Harvey Levin: “No, no, no, no! Not for everybody! Not for everybody, no, no, no no! Just for the person who got it, you know that.”

TMZ Researcher #3: “You’ve earned like $ 2,000 during this pitch! Why do you care!?”

(entire TMZ Bullpen bursts into laughter)

TMZ Celebrity Tour Bus Chorus: “Smokey Robinson! TMZ!”

Video and transcript re-posted with permission from TMZ

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